Hat season is upon us!

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piper blue hat piper brown hat

It’s that time again, hat and scarf season. Sweater weather is my favorite time of year here in Ohio and when the temperature tips just enough for me to put on a hat I am happiest of all.

I was inspired  by my daughter, who has an affinity for the beanie style hat, to design this patchwork version made from recycled sweaters. I  wanted to feature the lovely colors and textures of the fabrics and create something that is utilitarian and beautiful.  It’s a long process from choosing the sweaters, washing and drying them, then cutting them into the pattern pieces to be sewn together.

They are one of a kind, soft, slouchy, warm, simple and interesting. Too many adjectives? For me, these hit all the right spots for a hat.

Available in my Etsy store.

pile of beanies

I love being in my studio.

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My wall of Patterns and my doll necklace. Starting to run out of room here again.

wall of patterns

I wear my headless doll necklace when I need to be reminded to stay focused, stay true to me.

doll necklace on

A stack of fall hats waiting to be run through the serger. Shades of fall, white, blue, gray and brown.

stack of hats

A stack of done hats ready for labels, photos and posting to Etsy. This part takes longer than making them!

stack of done hats

Thinking about spring…


I love Antonio Marras, and he has never let me down.  I was thinking about spring which led me to look at his 2012 show again. It starts out very clean and lady like without a whole lot of that Marras collage.  At first I was a little worried that he wasn’t going to break loose.  My favorite thing about his clothes is how he not only  pieces fabrics together brilliantly but he manages to patchwork time periods, places and identities. Always adding a little intarsia or embroidery where there shouldn’t be any at all.  In this collection my favorite pieces came at the end. These piece work jacket and skirt sets as well as the pieced shifts with pockets are amazing.  And these little patch work embroidered bikini tops are killing me. They are perfect, reminding me so much of the 90’s. I want to make hundreds of them just for the fun of it…

Spring Triangle Patchwork Neck Scarf

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This is a new scarf style that I’ve been working on.  This will come in this medium size,  a larger and smaller triangle version and also a long cowl.

This scarf is a combination of several different fabrics in shades of black.  I like the monochromatic look, but I also plan on making more colorful versions with lots of mixed up colors.

These are pieced together from scraps of new and repurposed fabrics in soft cottons and silks, sleek blends and even bits of transparent mesh and lace; a blend of texture, color and opacity.

You can find this at my Etsy store now and look for other sizes and colors to come soon.