Working hard on my Holiday crafts

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This year I will have my little hand crafts that I can’t help making available at the Yuletide craft show at 1305 Gallery on Main Street. Show starts on Final Friday, which also happens to be black Friday this year, and runs through the end of December.

eyemask brooches close upPablo






***Handmade Christmas***

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I didn’t have a lot of time for handmade gifts this year with the full time job and all. Somehow I managed to make more than I thought I would. Here are a few of my favorite handmade gifts from Christmas this year.

A zombie hobo for a friend with a fondness for hobos and possibly zombies. The pattern is loosely based on one from this wonderful little book.  An Advent calendar quilt made from the tutorial found here; I actually made 2 of these bad boys. A fabric paper doll made from a McCalls pattern. Frog and Toad were  made for me by my lovely daughter with no pattern and all her own!  A Doxie necklace (and several pin versions) made from instructions on Etsy.  And finally a major undertaking cross stitch made from a vintage French chart.

Not bad for an insanely busy season!