Working hard on my Holiday crafts

This year I will have my little hand crafts that I can't help making available at the Yuletide craft show at 1305 Gallery on Main Street. Show starts on Final Friday, which also happens to be black Friday this year, and runs through the end of December.          


I crocheted these little tiny skulls a year or so ago and I'm still trying to pin down what I want to do with them.  I would like to see them on a necklace but just haven't come up with perfect method or materials.  Maybe a patchwork vintage chain. I need to figure out a... Continue Reading →

Scrumble Me

I have been interested in trying some 'Scrumbling', or free form knitting and crochet, for some time but had not come up with a project that wouldn't come out too artsy.  Recently I was inspired by my amazingly talented friend Milan ( I will try to add a link to her work)  to try this... Continue Reading →

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