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Deep down I love making my own clothes. Even though design and pattern making is my full time job, there are days when I just want to cut out a pattern and make myself something to wear. Something utterly unique and just for me. But I’ve always struggled with finding patterns that are interesting, fashionable and worth the time. I don’t want to have to fiddle with the pattern, I just want to make it. I don’t want to read pages of instructions, I just want the details. After years of being disappointed by the available selection I decided I needed to devote the time to drafting my own patterns and if I’m making them for myself I would offer them to you as well.

I produced this first small collection with much trail and error and learning along the way. These are garments I love to make and wear, versatile but stylish, functional but far from basic.

I will continue to work on creating more great designs, patterns that go together smoothly and directions that are brief.

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