My summer of making art.

This summer I took a big journey into creating art. I was invited to help with the construction of a Memory quilt for the Contemporary Arts Center's 75th annaverary by the amazing Pam Kravetz. She asked me to make quilt portraits of the members of my family to replicate the work of JR who's portraits... Continue Reading →

Rag Rug

I started this recycled wool rug this summer and haven't really touched it in months.  It became sort of depressing when I realized how long it was going to take me to make a rug big enough to fit the living room. It was taking about an hour to braid 1 yard while tucking the raw... Continue Reading →

Crafts Update #2

I actually managed to find time to make something for myself!  I needed a case for my NOOK and after looking at the sad and overpriced selection at the store I decided I needed to make my own.  After taking a leather workshop at school last year I have been collecting bits of interesting leather... Continue Reading →

Crafts Update #1

Over the next few days I will be posting some images of the crafty items that I am working on for the holiday season.  This is just a preview for those who are interested and to get the creative juices going for my favorite time of year.  If you haven't started your wish list or... Continue Reading →

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