My summer of making art.

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This summer I took a big journey into creating art.

I was invited to help with the construction of a Memory quilt for the Contemporary Arts Center‘s 75th annaverary by the amazing Pam Kravetz.

She asked me to make quilt portraits of the members of my family to replicate the work of JR who’s portraits of citizens of Cincinnati cover the walls of the museum.

I had never done anything like this before and I was terrified and excited to try it.

First, I took pictures of my family and myself and using photoshop I applyied a grid over them and applyed the painter filter.

I printed out full size copies of the photos and used the paper piecing quilting method to lay out the image. Then I stitched around every piece of fabric to quilt all the layers together.

The quilts are large, 35″ X 50″ and it took about 30 hours to finish each one.

aaron jenifer lily piper scout

When the huge quilts were finished and installed in the museum they looked like this:

cac wall 3 cac wall 2



The cool air makes me want to knit and crochet.

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The cool fall air has me thinking about knitting and crochet projects. I  had to put all of my personal projects on hold while I work through a grueling project deadline but next week I plan on having time to work with yarn no matter what.

Every year I make myself a few new hats, can’t have too many hats. I haven’t decided yet which ones I will make but I’m thinking about this one from Tiny Owl Knits. Last year I made the meow mitts for my daughter for Xmas and I loved the design so much I can’t wait to make more of her patterns.

I also plan to make myself another one of these vintage turbans this year but I think I’ll use a really fuzzy wool this time, maybe in pink…

You can get my modern translation of this vintage crochet pattern on Etsy.

close up for etsy

Revisiting a favorite pattern…

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I recently made some new towels from my Towel Topper Pattern. I still find these towels super handy around the house. When they get too old and ratty I toss them out and get to make more!

new towel

If you’re interested in making a few towel toppers of your own you can download the PDF pattern here (towel_topper) and the original tutorial is posted here. If you have a larger towel that you need to make a topper for just enlarge the pattern a bit.

Be sure to let me know how your towels turn out!

A Vintage Crochet Turban Pattern

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I have finally written out my instructions for the crochet turban that I have been making for several years. It was inspired by this great vintage pattern that I found in a box of old sewing things that was left behind in the first house I bought.

crochet turban pattern for sale, pdf

It was such a beautiful and simple pattern that I had to give it a try.  I experimented with it until I got the pattern exactly how I wanted it with the inexpensive modern yarns I could buy at the craft store. I love to crochet but I am hardly a yarn snob.  If I only bought the beautiful but expensive yarns from the yarn shop I would never finish anything. Knitting and crochet, for me, is all about the fun and having great accessories that I can wear (until I’m tired of them and pack them up to be rediscovered later) or give to friends and family as gifts, and no one ever complains that the yarn should have cost more.

So, now you can purchase a copy of my crochet turban pattern at my Etsy store and when you do I will include the entire original vintage pattern as well. I’m imagining seeing turbans of every color imaginable all over the place, a turban revolution if you will.

Enjoy! – Jeni

What’s in a name?


I named my blog Hey Boo because it is my favorite line from that book we’ve all read.  I read it nearly every summer and it still gets me every time. I love it. This little line near the very end of the book sums up what Jean Louise Finch has been through in this brief part of her life, when she looks over in the dark corner and sees a compleat stranger but recognizes him as the friend she’s always known and she just says ‘hey, Boo’.  To me this is the best line in the whole amazing book, it represents this huge moment when her life has changed, she has changed.  I have always loved these moments in life when one stage ends and is gone forever and another one is about to begin and you just look and it and say, ‘hey’.

But I have noticed lately that this phrase is being said a lot.  It’s used as a greeting, an endearment and even a nickname. I know I’m not the only person to have noticed this line, not even close, but I get the feeling that some of the people using it aren’t even sure where these two words said together comes from. And using it over and over makes it lose some of its charm, doesn’t it? That bothers me.  A lot. So I’m changing the name of this blog, I don’t know what to yet, I’ll have to find something that means something to me. This could take a while…


Rag Rug


I started this recycled wool rug this summer and haven’t really touched it in months.  It became sort of depressing when I realized how long it was going to take me to make a rug big enough to fit the living room. It was taking about an hour to braid 1 yard while tucking the raw edges in and sewing on new pieces every few feet…  Then I decided that maybe the online advise I took about NOT sewing all of your wool into long strips (too difficult to work with) and NOT ironing the raw edges down before you braid (just silly) was maybe a little off.  So this week I picked this project back up again and in a last-ditch effort to make it fun again I DID  sew  all of my wool into 3 long pieces and I DID iron all of the raw edges down. This did not take nearly as long as I thought it would.  I sewed and ironed 3 huge balls of wool in an hour and braided about 3 yards in 30 minutes.  Way easier and faster and actually fun instead of torture. This is about 4.5 feet long so far and ultimately I want to be 10.



Crafts Update #2

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I actually managed to find time to make something for myself!  I needed a case for my NOOK and after looking at the sad and overpriced selection at the store I decided I needed to make my own.  After taking a leather workshop at school last year I have been collecting bits of interesting leather and vinyl from the thrift store, ebay and Tandy.

The sewing was tricky and it turned out a little too big but overall it works well and I like it. It’s also easy to find in the bottom of my bag.

Finally Photo Ready

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The senior cap stone is finally photographed so now it can be packed up, sold and given away.

Here it is, Your Life Is Still A Dream, inspired by Tideland, made by me.

Photo credits:

Photos by Rachel Schwarz

Models in order: Riana of New View, Taylor of Wings, Paulina of WilhelminaS2

Make-up by Erica Stewart, Hair Styling by Philip Nathaniel Saunders

* Also some of these necklaces I made myself (rabbits feet and doll parts) BUT some of them were made by David Nebert (tiny terrariums and wood leaves) and can be viewed here: