Scott Tracy x Hello Kitty

This week I got a request for the most unusual sewing job I've ever had. Based on a tattoo his girlfriend has, a client needed a Scott Tracy outfit made for a Hello Kitty doll. Scott Tracy is a fictional character from the TV series Thunderbirds, which I had never heard of but was happy to take... Continue Reading →

Scarf Prints

I've been very interested in designing prints this year. I've been thinking so much about my concepts and inspirations that it just seemed like a natural progression to develop prints based on what I'm collecting and looking at. I started collecting porcelain animals for no reason other than that I just loved looking at them.... Continue Reading →

what did you do today?

I found some new fabrics to turn into neckerchiefs and collars. After the neckerchiefs are cut out they need to be tea stained by soaking in coffee. Three new collars are cut out and ready to be sewn.  I like to make several at once. The main sewing is done, collar is attached to stand... Continue Reading →

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