What Does Slow Fashion Mean To Me?

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There’s a lot of talk about Slow Fashion right now but I think it can be difficult to figure out exactly what that means to each of us.  I think it is about a lot more than just fashion, but fashion is one entry point into a way of thinking more about how we consume and how we participate in the world.


fashion revolution zine issue 2

Loved Clothes Last Zine

But specific to fashion what exactly is SLOW? I recently found Fashion Revolution on instagram (@fash_rev) and starting following them for their interesting posts and when they offered the second print issue of their magazine I snapped it up.

This zine turns out to be a great guide to finding your place in Slow Fashion. It contains all kinds of helpful tips on recycling, caring for fabrics, mending and editing your wardrobe. As well as info on the life cycle of garments, the truth about the secondhand clothing industry, and new designers making a difference.

fashion revolution zine issue 2

wear and repair

They really focus on mending and cleaning clothes to make them last longer and that is great, I’m all for that. But I wish people would talk more about handmade. Weather you learn to make your own clothes or you hire a local sewist to make them for you, handmade is a great way to find clothes that express your style, last longer, fit your body and have a deeper meaning. Rather than the short lived high you get from shopping handmade clothing is an experience. There is nothing slower than handmade!

So, what does Slow mean to you?

Thanks, Jenifer

My summer of making art.

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This summer I took a big journey into creating art.

I was invited to help with the construction of a Memory quilt for the Contemporary Arts Center‘s 75th annaverary by the amazing Pam Kravetz.

She asked me to make quilt portraits of the members of my family to replicate the work of JR who’s portraits of citizens of Cincinnati cover the walls of the museum.

I had never done anything like this before and I was terrified and excited to try it.

First, I took pictures of my family and myself and using photoshop I applyied a grid over them and applyed the painter filter.

I printed out full size copies of the photos and used the paper piecing quilting method to lay out the image. Then I stitched around every piece of fabric to quilt all the layers together.

The quilts are large, 35″ X 50″ and it took about 30 hours to finish each one.

aaron jenifer lily piper scout

When the huge quilts were finished and installed in the museum they looked like this:

cac wall 3 cac wall 2



An unexpected surprise on American Horror Story

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Earlier this year I sold on of my vintage linen  sleep masks from my Etsy store.

The purchaser asked me to ship it as soon as possible because it was going to be used in a TV show. I figured it was a local show and sent the mask off without another thought about it.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when my daughter and I sat down to watch one of our favorite shows together. My daughter loves horror movies and zombie flicks so of course she loves American Horror Story. Coven was our favorite season so far and we even bought matching black hats so we could feel a bit witchy.

So this season starts and it is SCARY. I almost can’t handle it. I have this problem where I empathize with fictional characters way too much. So I’m watching episode 2 and hiding my eyes and cringing when all of a sudden I jump off the couch “that’s my eye mask!”

One half of Sarah Paulson’s character is trying to sleep while her other half is trying to have a conversation and she is wearing, you guessed it, my sleep mask that I shipped off weeks ago and forgot all about.

tv sleepmask 2 tv sleepmask

My daughter was thrilled to think that something I made was in such close proximity to Evan Peters and I was pretty excited to see my work somewhere so unexpected. Their costume people must spend an enormous amount of time looking for unique items that can fit in with the time period. That sounds like a fun job doesn’t it?

…and I am going to keep watching this season even if my eyes are closed sometimes!

A new banner and some Holiday fun

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I made this little collage right before the Holidays and used it as the image for some postcards and tags for the holiday craft show I did. I also added part of it to my Etsy store as a new banner.

post card 2013



This is my little set up at the craft show.
craft table 2013



My daughter and I love The Walking Dead and one of our favorites Quotes from Rick is “…I’m doin’ stuff Lori, (long pause) and things”.  So with that in mind, I made some jars to hold your precious “stuff and things”.

stuff and things 2013


And these are the Lost Souls rescued from obscurity and ready to be taken home.

lost souls 2013

I love making little things for a craft show every once in a while, it gives me a chance to just play and have fun.





I love being in my studio.

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My wall of Patterns and my doll necklace. Starting to run out of room here again.

wall of patterns

I wear my headless doll necklace when I need to be reminded to stay focused, stay true to me.

doll necklace on

A stack of fall hats waiting to be run through the serger. Shades of fall, white, blue, gray and brown.

stack of hats

A stack of done hats ready for labels, photos and posting to Etsy. This part takes longer than making them!

stack of done hats

New business cards

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My super talented friend Margot Madison designed these amazing new business cards for me. They are so lovely.  I am really NOT a graphic designer and I just couldn’t figure out how to get great business cards, so I asked for help and the results were perfect. I have finally learned the lesson to get help with the things that are just not in my skill set.

busness cards


Adventures in Wall Paper

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When we moved into our new house last July I couldn’t wait to get started decorating.  Then I panicked and just sat staring at walls trying to figure out how to it.  Oh, and I realized that my budget was tiny to say the least. So, I’ve been doing one little thing at a time slowly collecting the bits and pieces and planning for the big stuff that will come much later.

Then I got this crazy idea to do a wallpaper collage in my entry way. I  thought it was an amazing idea that could either turn out great or totally awful.  I took it to my super creative  kindred spirits, Margot Madison and April Combs to find out if they thought it was crazy too.  They didn’t hesitate, their answer was a resounding “you must do this” and they even offered to help!  So I spent the next few months collecting wall paper samples from friends and ebay.

The wall I chose to cover is just inside my main entrance at the bottom of the stairs.  Note the horrible off white color that our entire house is still painted in…ugh.

I never could have done this without help; I tried putting up a few pieces before everyone got here but the pressure to get it right was overwhelming. Margot stepped in and just went for it!  We started by putting up a few of our favorites first.  As soon as the first dozen or so pieces were up I knew it was going to be even better than I had imagined.

Ignore the hideous hanging light fixture, it’s not long for this world.

I panicked a little when it came time to paste it all in place.  I took tons of photographs then took down the pieces one small section at a time.  I used a roll-on wallpaper adhesive and a small roller to apply it to the back of each piece. The paper bubbled up a lot and I was resigned to live with the lumps but Margot was right and the next morning they had smoothed out almost entirely. It took me 2 gruelling days to paste all of the pieces and I think I got most of them back in the right spots.

My vintage mirror and step stool fit perfectly, and my husband refinished this old ironing board for me to use as a key table. This is now  my favorite wall in the whole house. I especially love the way portions of it can be seen from the other rooms in the house and as you come down the stairs. And the whole thing cost less than $50.

I found a new blog to love…

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I just stumbled across this blog, Pretty Little World from a link on another blog, kinda love when that happens. The whole thing is wonderful but this post was particularly good: DIY gold antlers.

That sound you heard was me running out the door to find antlers, lots of them. Here’s the link to whole DIY post.

This is the post that brought me to Pretty Little World in the first place featuring this incredible leather cuff from ARCANAminor.  There seems to be some amazing vintage going on in Michigan.

How to Wear The Detachable Collar

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I make and sell a lot of these detachable collars at Cut and Sewn.

detachable collar

Here is one all wrapped up and ready to ship to a lucky buyer in California.

At my shows I hear a lot of people admiring them but asking  “How do I wear this?”

Here is my advise:

  • Don’t over think it, just throw it on, treat it like any necklace or scarf.
  •   These look great over a collarless shirt, with a cardigan, over a dress, or with a tank top.
  • Consider adding  a couple of necklaces to dangle out from underneath.
  • Don’t get bogged down thinking that it needs to match what your wearing.

The Man Repeller is an avid wearer of the detachable collar, here a just a few of her many takes on the situation:

And Tavi over at Rookie is huge fan of collecting and wearing collars of all shapes and sizes, they recently did an article on making your own.

Is this a detachable collar at Marni? I can’t tell, but then that’s kinda the point right?

Image from style.com

So, have no fear of the mysterious detachable collar, it’s perfectly harmless, you can do no wrong. Go for it.

And if you’re really inspired you can make your very own collars with this pattern Make Your Own Detachable Collars.

It’s been a long summer…

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While I’ve been dealing with moving house I haven’t had a whole lot of time to post but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy…

While visiting my in-laws in New Mexico I was able to tour this Bart Prince house.  He’s my favorite architect (that I’m not married to that is) so this was a real treat.  This was his first house out of college and it has its quirks, like no privacy and high radon, but it was beautiful and I loved it.

Yes, there are trees growing in the living space inside the house.

These rounded windows are on both sides of the house and provide amazing views of Albuquerque and the mountains.

I also picked up the Alexander McQueen book that features his recent met exhibit. It’s still hard to believe that he is gone.

This book is absolutely beautiful, these are the moth printed end pages. I want a fabric version so bad…

You could spend days engrossed in these full page/full color photographs.

I attended the birthday party of a good friend and amazing artist who gave all of her guests these little cups that she made. I can’t look at them without thinking of her and being inspired by her energy and creative spirit. Thanks Pam!

I have recently become a bit obsessed with all things 70’s and have had my eye out for the perfect 70’s clogs.  I had almost given up when I found these at the Goodwill for a whopping $2. They’re surprisingly comfortable too.

I spent a crazy amount of time trying to pick out a new perfume.  I finally decided on  Alien and I’m really glad I did.  It smells like grape at the very first moment then settles into this great scent that kinda reminds me of the Lulu I wore in high school but better.

I have actually been sewing too.  Working on lots of alterations and contract work of course but also some pretty exciting projects that I can’t actually tell you about until they come out…

Hopefully things are going to calm now that fall is around the corner and I can get back to some sort of routine. I hope your summer was wonderful, are you looking forward to fall as much as I am?