Spring Triangle Patchwork Neck Scarf

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This is a new scarf style that I’ve been working on.  This will come in this medium size,  a larger and smaller triangle version and also a long cowl.

This scarf is a combination of several different fabrics in shades of black.  I like the monochromatic look, but I also plan on making more colorful versions with lots of mixed up colors.

These are pieced together from scraps of new and repurposed fabrics in soft cottons and silks, sleek blends and even bits of transparent mesh and lace; a blend of texture, color and opacity.

You can find this at my Etsy store now and look for other sizes and colors to come soon.

Anticipating Spring

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I’m really excited about an early spring this year and I’ve been sewing away getting lots of new products ready for the etsy shop and for the craft shows I plan to do this summer.

I’ve been working on recycling men’s work shirts, one of my favorite materials, into turbans, scarves, skirts and so on…

I love these shirt collar scarves.

The snows of winter will soon turn into the rains of spring and what better way to keep your hair dry?  This is something I’ve been wanting to do for some time now and the pattern took awhile to get just right.  I wanted it to be lightweight yet sturdy; modern yet reminiscent of the one my grandma wore.  It comes in a cute little cotton bag too.

I’ll share more of my spring projects soon and will start adding new items to the etsy store at the end of the month during my 2011  re-launch.

Towel Toppers

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I have this vintage towel from my Grandmother with a fabric topper that buttons around a towel bar.  We use it all the time and I’m afraid we’ll wear it out.  To make more I started collecting little vintage  handtowels and made a pattern for the topper.  They’re easy to make and only use a small bit of fabric so they’re great for those little vintage scraps.

You can find a PDF of the towel topper pattern here.

You’ll need one 12″x 9″ scrap of fabric (or two 6″x 9″ ones).  After you cut out the pattern, sew around the outside edge using 1/4″ seam allowance.  Clip the inside curves and notch the outside curves.  Turn right side out and press.  Fold the open edge  1/2″  toward the inside and press.

Get your towel ready by trimming off any extra bulk at the top like fringe, tags or seams.  Dress up a plain towel with some ribbon along the lower edge.

Arrange several tucks in the front along the top of the towel until it measures 4″ across. Insert the top of the towel into the topper about 1/2″. Pin or baste in place. Stitch across the topper opening about 1/4″ from the edge being sure to catch all layers.  Top stitch all the way around the edge of the topper about 1/8″ from the edge. Make a button hole in the end of the tab and sew on your button. Your towel is finished and ready to be displayed and admired!

***Handmade Christmas***

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I didn’t have a lot of time for handmade gifts this year with the full time job and all. Somehow I managed to make more than I thought I would. Here are a few of my favorite handmade gifts from Christmas this year.

A zombie hobo for a friend with a fondness for hobos and possibly zombies. The pattern is loosely based on one from this wonderful little book.  An Advent calendar quilt made from the tutorial found here; I actually made 2 of these bad boys. A fabric paper doll made from a McCalls pattern. Frog and Toad were  made for me by my lovely daughter with no pattern and all her own!  A Doxie necklace (and several pin versions) made from instructions on Etsy.  And finally a major undertaking cross stitch made from a vintage French chart.

Not bad for an insanely busy season!

Crafts Update #3

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Crochet turbans are finally done!  These deceptively tricky hats have taken me awhile to perfect but with the help of a friend who was willing to wear my first results I think I finally nailed it.  These will be up on the Etsy site soon and I will be adding more items to the store through Thanksgiving.

For local shoppers you should be able to find these soon at The Brush Factory.

Crafts Update #2

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I actually managed to find time to make something for myself!  I needed a case for my NOOK and after looking at the sad and overpriced selection at the store I decided I needed to make my own.  After taking a leather workshop at school last year I have been collecting bits of interesting leather and vinyl from the thrift store, ebay and Tandy.

The sewing was tricky and it turned out a little too big but overall it works well and I like it. It’s also easy to find in the bottom of my bag.

Dominating Knitting

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domiknitrix cover

I finally made a project from the knitting book domiknitrix (that I “borrowed” from my friend Anna).  This book is part eye candy, part beautiful projects.  It may not be for beginners as some of these projects are complex and require quite an investment of time and money.  While I have day dreamed about making many of the projects here in, I just could not commit.

domiknitrix inside

Then I found this amazing acid green yarn from Lion Brand and just bought one skein with a vague idea of making a scarf out of it.  It is too bright for anything big, I just wanted a little splash of that electric color for fall.  This bubble scarf was the perfect project so I gave it a go. The first couple of bubbles were tricky and I didn’t really understand the authors instructions on her type of increases and decreases ( I ended up just using my own tried and true method) , but once I got going it was fairly fast and easy. I actually like knitting on DPNs!

bubble scarfbubble scarf 2

New Issue of Kiki

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The fall issue of Kiki is out!  This is the second DIY project I have done for this great magazine. If you’re new to Kiki, this is a truely well done magazine for pre-teen and early teen girls that  comes out seasonally.  It focuses on style, individuality and substance.  I strongly believe that teaching girls to make things, and then their completing a project, gives them a feeling of pride and a sense of control over their own lives.

kiki cover

This latest project focused on recycling vintage clothes, this time menswear and t-shirts, into new garments.

kiki 2kiki 3