Super Pointy Detachable Collar Pattern

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I’ve uploaded my  Super Pointy Collar, corrected pattern for your personal use.  I hope the instructions work, I did write them fairly quickly so let me know if anything is unclear.  I have made this collar more times than I can count so I know the pattern works for me and I hope it works for you.  See my post on how to make perfect points if you need a little help with the points.

*Make sure your pattern prints out at the right size, the ” fold” edge of the collar should measure 2.5″, you may need to adjust your print settings.


I  have also designed collars with standard and curved points and written more detailed instructions with illustrations.

You can get all 4 of my collar patterns with new easy to follow instructions in one PDF downloadable pattern here:

7 thoughts on “Super Pointy Detachable Collar Pattern

    1. Lauren, If you click on the words “Super Pointy Collar” in the main text the pattern PDF should open in a new window. I just checked the link and it seems to be working so let me know if you have a problem with it. thanks for checking out the blog!

  1. Is there a step or two missing? You never say when or where to sew front and back of collar stand together. Is that before or after you attach to collar?

  2. Betsy, When you pin the Collar Stand to the Collar and sew it in place you are actually sewing both pieces at once. Both the front and back of the Stand are sewn together with the collar between them. Thanks for pointing out this problem with the instructions, I will fix it!

    1. when you print it out it is not to the correct scale? can you choose “borderless” printing? Can you print it on 2 pieces of paper and tape together? Have you tried taking it to a print shop?

      If these ideas don’t help send me more information about your printer and what is happening and I will try to come up with something! Thanks!

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