What’s in a name?


I named my blog Hey Boo because it is my favorite line from that book we’ve all read.  I read it nearly every summer and it still gets me every time. I love it. This little line near the very end of the book sums up what Jean Louise Finch has been through in this brief part of her life, when she looks over in the dark corner and sees a compleat stranger but recognizes him as the friend she’s always known and she just says ‘hey, Boo’.  To me this is the best line in the whole amazing book, it represents this huge moment when her life has changed, she has changed.  I have always loved these moments in life when one stage ends and is gone forever and another one is about to begin and you just look and it and say, ‘hey’.

But I have noticed lately that this phrase is being said a lot.  It’s used as a greeting, an endearment and even a nickname. I know I’m not the only person to have noticed this line, not even close, but I get the feeling that some of the people using it aren’t even sure where these two words said together comes from. And using it over and over makes it lose some of its charm, doesn’t it? That bothers me.  A lot. So I’m changing the name of this blog, I don’t know what to yet, I’ll have to find something that means something to me. This could take a while…


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