what did you do today?

design, process, sewing

I found some new fabrics to turn into neckerchiefs and collars.

After the neckerchiefs are cut out they need to be tea stained by soaking in coffee.

Three new collars are cut out and ready to be sewn.  I like to make several at once.

The main sewing is done, collar is attached to stand and the opening at the bottom edge needs to be closed.

Time to pick out a vintage button and sew the button hole.

Lots of pretty finished collars.

3 thoughts on “what did you do today?

  1. I was wondering how you made the detachable collars.. Can you give me tips or a tutorial? And can you also give me a pattern if possible?? When making it, I always have a problem with the pointy thing on both sides…

    1. Thanks for asking about my collars. I can’t offer you the pattern right now because I will be publishing it soon. But I am working on a little tutorial about those tricky points that I will have up for you shortly. Other than that I can suggest that you use a shirt pattern with a collar stand and use just the collar part of the pattern to make a few of your own. Thanks and good luck!

    2. Elai, I decided to post my pointy collar pattern. I also did a tutorial on making perfect points for you, let me know how your collars turn out!

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