Anticipating Spring

craft, sewing

I’m really excited about an early spring this year and I’ve been sewing away getting lots of new products ready for the etsy shop and for the craft shows I plan to do this summer.

I’ve been working on recycling men’s work shirts, one of my favorite materials, into turbans, scarves, skirts and so on…

I love these shirt collar scarves.

The snows of winter will soon turn into the rains of spring and what better way to keep your hair dry?  This is something I’ve been wanting to do for some time now and the pattern took awhile to get just right.  I wanted it to be lightweight yet sturdy; modern yet reminiscent of the one my grandma wore.  It comes in a cute little cotton bag too.

I’ll share more of my spring projects soon and will start adding new items to the etsy store at the end of the month during my 2011  re-launch.

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