Saint Valentine


I’ve never been quite sure what to make of Valentine’s day. In high school my boyfriend wrote me a report on the history of the day, I did actually find that romantic.  My husband once gave me an iron for Valentines, and it was by far the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever gotten.  I’m a seamstress, I sew all day and therefore iron all day.  My iron was old, barely worked and didn’t have that automatic shut off so I was always leaving it on… He knew that I would never buy myself a new one.  I cherish that iron and use it every single day.

I’m not one for dainty jewelry, and don’t even get me started on how much I hate diamonds, but these hearts from Velvet Antler are right up my alley. They’re the perfect combination of sweet and hard. They look heavy and soft and I love the leather thong. So, since I already have an iron and a vacuum, maybe one of these this year? (hint hint)

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