Hat Sewing Today

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visor hat webFinished 2 more samples today for the prospective “hat making book”. I guess I have 7 finished patterns/samples now. I need to finish a few more samples, then I need to grade the patterns, take photos, write prospectus and send this thing out to publishers. Making these patterns has been so time consuming. Each pattern is drafted, tested in muslin, corrected, then tested in muslin AGAIN. After all of that I can make the sample from the final fabric while writing down every single step it takes to make the hat.

girly cap web

I am definitely feeling some relief at seeing the little collection of finished patterns and samples here.  Of course next is the tricky writing part.  Writing introductions and descriptions may take as long as the patterns took!

2 thoughts on “Hat Sewing Today

  1. The black rose visor is great. It’s the anti-tennis visor!

    A question –
    My aunt is going through chemo right now and her scalp hurts a lot, feels like it’s been burned. She says scarves and hats get really hot too.

    Maybe you could make a hat for a sore scalp that is also heat sensitive. Not the most glamorous basis for a hat, but if you could make one of your fun, fashionable designs to spec for those scalp conditions, I’m sure many women would be thankful.

    Just a thought. Thanks for posting, it’s great to see some of your work!

    1. Wow, that’s a really interesting challenge, I hadn’t considered that kind of sensitivity before. Thanks for the comment and the suggestion, I will give it some thought, maybe a special fabric… I’m sorry to hear about your aunt, I hope things go well for her.

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