Scrumble Me

craft, design, knitting, machine knitting

I have been interested in trying some ‘Scrumbling’, or free form knitting and crochet, for some time but had not come up with a project that wouldn’t come out too artsy.  Recently I was inspired by my amazingly talented friend Milan ( I will try to add a link to her work)  to try this right on the knitting machine.  So I started with a small section of hand work, then cast this directly onto the machine and just knit a little bit and then turn it, fold it, add another color or what ever I feel like.  I also plan on adding some hand worked crochet.whole scrumble

When the piece gets larger I will start to drape it on the form to see what shape it takes.  My goal is a wearable sweater made from as few parts as possible. I love the holes and bits of yarn hanging everywhere, I hope I can find a way to incorporate these.scrumble close up

I needed some light weights that were easy to move around and fit into odd spots, after scrounging around the studio I came up with these.  I used some duct tape to attach large washers to clothes pins.  They aren’t pretty but they work very well.

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